Resource Room

The Resource Room for the Graduate Program in Rhetoric & Composition is a small room brimming with books, documents, and journals that help students prepare for their core classes in the graduate program.

In addition, through the generosity of Sandy, Dan, and Christopher Berlin, most of James Berlin’s working library is also in the Resource Room.

Located in Heavilon 301 and open during the office hours of our assistant director and our work study student, students can find any of the materials in the attached lists.

Partial inventory of research materials in the rhetcomp resource room (Heavilon 301)

  • Partial list of James A. Berlin’s Professional Books: Berlin Library
  • Lists of relevant books in the resource room: resourceroom books
  • Journals in the resource room (note some newer ones are in Pat’s office): resourceroom journals
  • List of articles and conference papers in the filing cabinet include: resourceroom articles
  • Reports in the resource room: resourceroom reports

Schedule with the RhetComp AD for access.