Graduate Student Funding

Students accepted to the graduate program will also receive an offer of a graduate instructorship. This instructorship provides a stipend for ten months, health insurance, and a remission of tuition (including summer school) & most fees (Check with the English Graduate Program Office for the amount of stipends, as they change each year).

A few merit fellowships provide tax-free stipends for twelve months and remission of tuition & most fees. Doctoral fellowships for African-American students and other ethnic minorities carry research allowances. Students who are awarded fellowships are also given the opportunity to teach, if they so choose.

During their first year at Purdue, new graduate instructors will teach one section of first year composition each semester and be enrolled in a practicum for new teachers. After the first year, teaching opportunities broaden to include a variety of teaching experiences. At that time, students may choose to teach additional courses. For more information on teaching, visit Teaching Opportunities.

You may also want to visit the Graduate School website for more information on funding and financial information.