Michelle Sidler

Teaching genre literacy in composition

Michelle Ann Sidler

  • School: Purdue University (0183)
  • Degree: Ph.D.
  • Date: 1998 pp: 188
  • Advisor: Harkin, Patricia
  • Source: DAI-A 59/08, p. 2957, Feb 1999
  • Subjects: Language, Modern (0291); Language, Rhetoric And Composition (0681); Education, Technology (0710)
  • ProQuest Document Number: 304448386
  • ISBN: 0-591-97186-0
  • UMI Number: AAT 9900263


    This research project intersects several previously distinct areas of composition studies: genre theorizing, textbook analysis, cultural studies, and computerized instruction. It is contended that composition studies can expand current writing pedagogies to include a variety of genres in composition, taking into account the multiple texts of students’ lives such as those of mass media and technology. In addition, a literacy of genre analysis is presented which helps students recognize and critique the commodification of texts in our current information culture. This project promotes critical thinking and writing in composition curricula because students need to make informed choices about technology and other forms of mass media as these entities increasingly become potential vehicles for empowerment as well as exclusion.