Carlann Fox

Relationship-centered discourse for clinical medicine: A case study in medical rhetoric

Carlann Fox [Scholl]

  • School: Purdue University (0183)
  • Degree: Ph.D.
  • Date: 2005 pp: 105
  • Advisor: Weiser, Irwin H.
  • Source: DAI-A 67/03(E)
  • Subjects: Health and environmental sciences; Language, literature and linguistics; Clinical medicine; Medical rhetoric; Postmodernism; Relationship-centered discourse; Science; Rhetoric; Composition; Health;
  • ProQuest Document Number: 305427873
  • ISBN: 9780542594908
  • UMI Number: AAT 3210709


This dissertation is a case study of Dr. Avon Henderson (pseudonym), a professor of clinical medicine who seeks to foster relationship-centered care. The researcher identifies relationship-centered care as an alternative to modernist understandings of biomedical practice and, thus, as postmodern. Dr. Henderson’s work is placed within contemporary debates about clinical practice and within current research in medical rhetoric. Although most medical rhetoric describes medicine writing, this project considers the ideological underpinnings of discourse used in the doctor-patient relationship and identifies the professor’s alternative relationship-centered discourse as an example of epistemic rhetoric.